Product purchase

How to buy the products
You can buy our products both on the web and in a large number of pharmacies and different points of sale in Spain (link to the points of sale)

Product return or purchase cancellation
You have 24 hours to cancel the purchase you have made. In the case of masks, being a hygienic product, returns are not accepted once the item has been shipped. Given the current situation related to COVID-19, returns of any of our items will not be accepted once it has been delivered.

Wholesale purchase

How to buy volume of any product
If you want to buy a certain volume of any of our items, you should go to the following link, through which you get personalized attention in managing your order.

You must include the name of your company, the CIF and the model 036.

Keep in mind that the registration process proceeds in a period that varies between 24-48 hours. Once done, you will receive a welcome and confirmation email with your password and password. From this moment on, you will be able to access the purchasing platform and place your orders.

How to request the personalization of the masks
To personalize your masks you must send an email to the email address ventas@quiquere.com, along with the logo you want to integrate in Vector, PSD, PNG format, along with the following information:

Number of units per size (adult / 8-12 years / 4-7 years / 0-3).
Name of the company or institution.
Billing address and shipping address.

The budget will be made based on the data provided.




How to start using the Rewinder40 mask

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water or, failing that, rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution before removing the mask from its packaging.

Remove the product from the blister, iron the mask for 10-15 seconds on both sides to activate the molecules of the waterproofing. Do not use steam.

Once ironed, you can proceed to its placement. We explain how (we can link to the placement).

How and when to wash and dry the masks

You have to wash the mask after each use. You can do it by hand or by machine at a temperature of 60 degrees, but always with a neutral soap.
If you wash it in the washing machine, to avoid deterioration, do not mix it with colored clothes and wash it in a washing bag, this will help it to stay in good condition and catch on buttons, zippers or velcro of other garments that accompany it. during washing.

Remember not to use bleach, bleach or washing products that can degrade or damage the materials, you could harm its water repellent finish.

It is very important that it is completely air dried, the use of a dryer is not recommended. Do not use the oven or microwave to dry or sanitize the mask, under any circumstances.

Once dry, you should iron it just like you did the first time: for a period of 10-15 seconds on both sides. If your mask has been personalized or contains our logo, remember to iron the logo area with a layer of cotton fabric between the iron and the mask to avoid deterioration.

How to know the temperature of the iron

If your iron does not have a thermostat that signals the temperature or is not one that detects the fabric you are ironing and adjusts the temperature automatically, you should use the cotton ironing mode.

If in doubt, it is best to set a high temperature and put a layer of cotton fabric between the iron and your mask.

Placement, use and removal of the mask

The placement, use and removal of the mask is very important to protect yourself and others. To do this, you must follow the steps that we explain below. Do not forget that the use of the mask must be accompanied by the preventive measures established by the health authorities. Also remember that the mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin. It is recommended that it be placed on the skin, avoiding hair or any other element between the face and the mask.

The use of the mask by minors is not recommended without the supervision of a responsible adult. Remember that the mask is not a game item, it is a hygienic protection item that should be used as such.

Maximum mask wear time
The continued use of the mask should not exceed 8 hours. If you perform activities that involve sweating or use it in environments with poor ventilation, the recommended use is 4 hours maximum.

In the case of very short uses (short-term outings, little exposure to contagion and low activity), it is possible to reuse the mask without previously washing it. We recommend ironing it before using it again to activate your treatment.

Mask size

You have four sizes at your disposal:

Adult (10x19 centimeters)
Children 8-12 years (9x18 centimeters)
Children 4-7 years (8x16 centimeters)
Children 0-3 years (6x13 centimeters)

In the event that it is a little too big for you, you can adjust them by means of a knot in the rubber to the most suitable height so that it fits perfectly.
Remember that use in children under 3 years is not mandatory. If you use them in minors of this age range because you consider it necessary, it is very important that you pay attention at all times to their use by the minor. Remember that misuse in children under 0-3 years can cause suffocation.

Rubber breakage

An easy solution if a rubber breaks and there are still uses for the mask is to sew it. Keep in mind that the masks are made so that you can perform this operation. If you follow our washing instructions, this can be easily avoided.

People protected with the use of the mask

Our masks protect you and others. Thanks to their different characteristics and their double layer of waterproof fabric, they protect inwards, protect outwards.


Hygienic masks: the Ministry of Health establishes that they are the most suitable for healthy people to use. REWINDER40 is a reitilizable and water-resistant hygienic ecological mask.

Sanitary masks: their use is stipulated for health personnel and groups of people with risk activities. It can be surgical or self-filtering. REWINDER40 is not a PPE.

UNE 0065-2020: standard elaborated and approved by the Government for the elaboration of reusable hygienic masks for adults and children. Material, design, manufacturing, marking and use requirements.

REWINDER40 has been designed according to these regulations.

Oeko-Tex: certification for textile products of ecological origin. It is an independent system that verifies that there are no harmful substances neither in textiles, nor in the phases of the manufacture of a certain product. REWINDER40 has been made with organic cotton with this certificate.

Antibacterial treatment: its main objective is to prevent the proliferation of colonies of bacteria and fungi that can occur with continued use, something that similar products do not have. REWINDER40 contains such treatment.

Water-repellent treatment: makes the mask capable of repelling liquids, REWINDER40 with its double layer organic cotton waterproof construction, repels 100% liquids from the inside out and from the outside in.