About us

In 2015, our world changed. That change prompted us to initiate a dream. We wanted to build a better present to love the future. We felt it was time to choose and make it possible for others to choose by offering them an alternative to single-use materials.

We were born as Quíquere Bags and became Rewinder to encompass what we are: a Spanish brand that proposes a textile alternative that displaces single-use materials for natural materials to use and reuse, biodegradable, responsible with the natural environment and committed to the social environment.

It's time, it's time for you to take care of yourself and us. History gives us the opportunity to reset, we have a new present to build.

Let's do it together.

The revolution of the #Rewinder is underway. Join it because you are now ours. To be sustainable, to be responsible and to be aware, it all depends on you and needs your action.

Build your present, love your future.


Building the present, loving our future. Contribute to a new global behaviour by eliminating single-use materials.

If you're an inhabitant of the planet, we're coming to you. History has stopped us in our tracks. Think, breathe and act. We need your support to build our now, we want to be able to love the future with you.

The community is important, that's where the strength is, join our initiative, support our local social environment and bet on taking care of our home, everyone's, our planet.


We offer you the best alternative because it is made here close by, because it generates employment, because we make you feel good, because we take care of you.

Our brand will get you to reduce your pollution to the environment drastically, allow you to save and impact you directly or indirectly thanks to the number of jobs we generate and the circular economy we develop.


Sustainability, environmental and social commitment, teamwork, creativity, innovation, quality, protection, durability and quality.


Single-use materials have invaded our seas and oceans and are irreversibly affecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We want to reverse this reality, the only way to achieve it is with your commitment and support.

The pandemic that has hit humanity is still active and, with it, the disposal of tons of garbage daily is alarming.

Join in, it's time. Take action. We're going to build the present, we want to love the future.

Protect yourself and us with REWINDER40 an organic, water-repellent mask, washable up to forty times, biodegradable. Thanks to its double layer that repels liquids in and out, you will take care of yourself and others.

At home do the separation of waste and help to recycle. We offer you alternatives to make your work easier.

In your daily life, use reusable materials, avoid plastic and single-use materials, your planet will thank you, your future is at stake.

At Rewinder we have committed to offsetting our carbon footprint, and we have already done so with 78.28 t of CO2.

Thanks to you our forest is growing and already has more than 1,600 trees.

In less than two months we have avoided the disposal of 5,000,000 single-use masks in the middle.

Our natural environment is important and so is our social environment. That is why 5% of your REWINDER40 purchases will go to social causes such as the Red Cross and Children's Villages.

Our planet can't wait, neither can your present.

Join us. Let's rewind together, let's love the future together.


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