Panther Magazine #3

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Panther Magazine #3

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A magazine that cultivates love for the preservation of the environment, designed for boys and girls who will save the planet.

A magazine with entertaining and rigorous information, with illustrations, photographs and graphic design by leading professionals. It is published in Spanish and Catalan.

It is published three times a year, with thematic issues. The first focuses on THE FORESTS, the second on the OCEANS and the third on the PLACES WE INHABIT.

Pantera was born to inspire young readers to fight against climate change. But it is not just a magazine for them, it also has the purpose that fathers and mothers, teachers, and all the people involved with children and young people, have a space, a common reference to be inspired and find their way of activism together to boys and girls.

It is published in Spanish and Catalan.
With FSC certified paper from sustainable forests and ecological inks.

The third issue of PANTERA is dedicated to THE PLACES WE INHABIT with a cover by the illustrator Noemí Villamuza.

Among its contents:

  • What is a city?
  • The city and the children
  • The assembly of all beings
  • Where will we live in the future?
  • Bioconstruction for teenagers
  • the city of animals
  • silent spring
  • city ​​birds
  • If my home disappeared

And much more. More than 80 pages of content, in a 21×27 centimeter format magazine with illustration, photography and graphic design by leading professionals.

Recommended age: + 9 years


I liked it a lot, it seems to me that they treat reading boys and girls with great dignity and in an intelligent manner. But there are also nods to the young and adult reader, which is why they encourage joint reading, as a family. In addition, they are not complacent, nor do they underestimate children, they use the precise words and without detours, although for this the readers have or have to resort to google or consult an adult. I really liked the illustrations, they are varied and have different levels of discourse, so there is something for all preferences. I'm amazed that they also incorporate photos of great quality and professionalism (The interview with the photographer is inspiring). I also liked the paper, the size of the fonts and the design, on some pages they confused me a bit, but as I progressed through the magazine, I understood the common thread of the layout and other details of the design. – Augusto Metztli