Rewinder Reusable Certified Eco Face Mask One Week Pack x5 - Rewinder40 Basic Eco Zero Waste

One Week Pack x5 - Rewinder40 Basic

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Our masks have been re-certified in compliance with the regulations according to the new requirements of BOE A-2021-2046 of 2/12/21 and comply with the new ISO UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

UNE0065 & CWA17553


: Oriented to large unisex adults and women L and XL.

M : Aimed at small and medium-sized adults and older children (from 9 years old)

S : Aimed at girls and boys between 6 and 9 years old.

XS : Aimed at girls and boys under the age of six. Only on request.

Attention! Currently in Spain the mask is not mandatory in children under six years of age.

Visit our ' Size Guide ' for more detailed information.

package ONE WEEK REWINDER40 Basic with nose trim in navy blue, and without nose trim in the White option.
A mask for each day of the week, plus a bag cotton in which to store it comfortably.
And as a gift, he receives an ear protector made of biodegradable material to prevent chafing.

Be protected or protected during the week without being aware of washing your mask every day at this special price , it is a luxury !

Avoid disposable and single-use masks, recommended for health personnel and infected people. Please note that while Rewinder masks are biodegradable and reusable, surgical and FFP2 masks are not. Let's try to reduce our environmental impact, while remaining protected and protected.

The Rewinder40 Basic is from 100 % organic cotton . Manufactured entirely in Spain, it has double layer of fabric with water-repellent treatment that repels 100% all kinds of liquids, inside and out.

We have designed this mask with our planet and your protection and comfort in mind, endowing it with very soft rubber, with the best breathability on the market and with the softest touch.

All these characteristics make it unique.

Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic and prevents skin allergies such as maskne.

Choose REWINDER40 Basic and you will help reduce the generation of waste in the environment, you will be supporting a young company that generates employment in Spain and cares about the most disadvantaged sectors.

You will receive each of the 5 masks in a recycled plastic bag, specifically designed so that you acquire it in perfect condition and so that, after each use, you can keep it isolated from the rest of the laundry, until the moment you can wash it.

In this way, you will be reusing not only the mask, but also the bag that accompanies it and that you can deposit in the plastic recycling container at the end of its life.

Remember that of your purchase, the 5% of the profit goes to the Red Cross and Children's Villages .

If you also add any of our shopping bag models to your order, you will be helping to offset the carbon footprint, because we plant a tree for you 🌳

Join the Rewinder revolution!
Let's build together the present to guarantee the future.


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