Rewinder is a project created by the desire to achieve a better world.


In 2015 , the founders, Viktor and Raquel, became mom and dad and this prompted us to start this journey.

We wanted to build a present capable of guaranteeing the future for children, who, like our daughter, had just been born. We felt it was time to make changes. The generation of waste had to be contained and could be achieved with small day-to-day gestures. We set out to promote a change towards more sustainable habits in our lives and in the lives of other people , and we began by offering a biodegradable and reusable textile alternative, which would replace single-use materials.

Since then, seven years ago, we have worked 365 days a year on this idea and with this objective.


Both Viktor and I are creative, Viktor from the field of graphic arts and programming, I from fashion design, industrial pattern making, styling and Art Direction, in the textile sector.

When we launched this adventure , it was under the name of QuΓ­quere, in 2018 . We adopted the name of a Canarian species of rooster, because we were born in the Canary Islands, and because the rooster for us is a symbol of "time to wake up" and because it is also an animal that is characterized by fighting when necessary. The challenge that we had set ourselves, needed a lot of these characteristics.

In 2020, we are renamed Rewinder , keeping the rooster icon. We raised one of our slogans, "Rewind The World", to the naming of our project, to encompass everything we had become, a Spanish Zero Waste brand, which had managed to reach the five continents in just two years and that with more than 100 references, proposed alternatives to displace single-use materials, replacing them with natural materials, to use and reuse, biodegradable, responsible with the natural environment, promoting the circular economy and committed to its social and cultural environment.


If in 2015, promoting change was an urgency, in 2022 it was already an imperative. Taking care of our species and our natural environment, its biodiversity and its ecosystems, is vital to guarantee their survival and ours.

Building a present without plastic and with a low environmental impact industry is possible. Minimizing the generation of waste, reusing materials that retain a useful life, trying to acquire local products, which guarantee the care of the land and its farmers, are examples of small decisions that only depend on ordinary people, without the intervention institutional or governmental imperative.

Generating a sustainable economic system with people, their lives and their reality, which includes respect for the rest of the species, is possible.


With the pandemic that affected the population worldwide, history presented us with the opportunity to "reset".

Viktor and I, convinced that we could do something, worked tirelessly in the midst of a pandemic to design an alternative to the use of disposable masks. In full confinement, when we went out to the supermarket, I saw them lying everywhere. Suddenly, it seemed that not only was there no environmental awareness, civic awareness seemed to have been lost.

In record time, we managed to bring to the market an alternative to disposable masks, the Rewinder40 , highlighted by the OCU, was a reusable hygienic mask for up to 40 washes, available in four different sizes, made of organic cotton and made in Spain. With them we arrived from the Canary Islands, in just over a month, to all continents through our online store.


In 2020, with reusable masks and our cloth bags, we are adding thousands of people around the world to our goal of minimizing pollution and waste. To those who made this achievement possible, we will be eternally grateful, always.

These thousands of people from different continents, who are already part of the #rewindercommunity , have also caused our forest to have more than 22,000 trees . These trees are distributed throughout the world geography, allowing not only to reforest areas that needed it, they also generate employment and become food for depressed areas.

Being sustainable, being responsible and being aware, everything depends on each one of us, it is the decision of each one of us, and it requires our action.


Contribute to a new global behavior by eliminating single-use materials, minimizing waste. In the fall of 2022, we added new lines, Rescue and Fusion , to extend our goal to our lifestyle globally.


The community is essential to achieve a dynamic change in our habits and its impact on our environment. Union make force. The you to you is our greatest power.


Ecodesign, sustainability, circular economy, zero waste generation, environmental commitment, social commitment, teamwork, creativity, innovation, research, quality, protection, commitment, respect, integration, durability and upcycling.


The single-use materials that have invaded our seas and oceans are almost irreversibly affecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We want to reverse this reality, and the only way to achieve it is with your commitment and your action.

The pandemic that has plagued humanity is still active and, with it, the disposal of tons of garbage that is generated daily is alarming.

So far, we have managed to avoid the disposal of more than 15 million single-use masks and we have managed to get thousands of people to adopt the cotton bag as a shopping bag, avoiding single-use plastic bags.

When it finally seems that little by little we are normalizing the virus causing the pandemic, please don't relax, don't leave behind the good practices acquired during this time.

We, who in the Canary Islands are surrounded by the sea, do not want to imagine how sad it would be to see the cetaceans that inhabit our coasts entangled in masks, nor would we like to find ourselves swimming in a sea of ​​plastic.

Sustainability is everyone's responsibility, do your part and we will achieve our goal.

Be part of #comunidadrewinder , don't leave it for tomorrow.