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Is it really worth recycling?

vale la pena reciclar
In a time of constant change like the one we live in, we need to keep remembering why it is worth recycling . Certainly, thanks to this action, the health of the environment and the sustainability of the planet are ensured. And it is that, perhaps taking care of the place we inhabit is not everyone's business? For this reason, in this post, we want to talk to you about the effects of the absence of this process, as well as the products that you would be interested in consuming to contribute to the cause. Keep reading!

Negative Effects of Lack of Recycling

There are really dire consequences for not recycling and they reinforce the importance of recycling. Currently we are facing serious problems such as: pollution, scarcity of natural resources, deforestation or climate change. Considering that the world population is approximately 72 million people, it is vital that we all contribute. Otherwise, if each of us stopped recycling, there would be an additional 14 billion pieces of waste in landfills. Also, this would imply using more land to house the waste. Consequently, extensive damage to the land would occur from the gases of the decomposition process. A fact that, in turn, would contribute to creating a higher level of pollution. Today, the scientific community estimates that landfill waste is responsible for releasing about 700 million CO₂. So, can you imagine what the negative effects of an even higher number could be? At the local level, the repercussions are not favorable either. If the garbage were to accumulate in the middle of the street, there would be a great probability of the proliferation of different pests. As a result, the appearance of new diseases would be imminent. And the seas and oceans? Without a doubt, the main losers for what is worth recycling. All the waste that does not find a place in the earth's soil ends up in certain discharges into the marine environment. Especially those that are not deposited in recycling containers. A clear and serious example of this can be found in the plastic island of the Pacific. A landfill created by the sea currents that accumulate at this point everything they have found in their path.

The importance of reusing and consuming certain products for the environment

Faced with these terrible facts, there is no doubt that it is worth recycling. It is almost a moral duty to the planet. Scientific research and reports support the importance of recycling to combat the pollution that fuels climate change. In addition to the recycling process, the reuse of some items is key to protecting the planet. Habits that it is important that we all acquire because they contribute to the environment and our quality of life. On the one hand, reusable masks, the most significant example to date. Did you know that you can avoid the waste of 126,000 million of single use every day? A problem to which, at Rewinder, we wanted to be part of the solution by making reusable masks. On the other hand, plastic bags are another item that has been damaging our planet for decades. Against them, ecobags have positioned themselves as the best alternative. Durable, resistant and reusable. At Rewinder, we have joined the action by providing extra value to this very important eco alternative . Every time you buy a reusable one, a series of chain benefits are produced that are worth commenting on:
  • You contribute to the planting of a new tree with which we reduce the carbon footprint.
  • You significantly reduce the number of waste generated and you get involved in solidarity and ecological actions such as Eco Friendly Coal.
  • You collaborate directly with associations such as the Red Cross and Children's Villages. In fact, 5% of your purchase will go to them.
Undoubtedly, important actions that complement and reinforce the reasons why recycling is worthwhile.

Final thoughts

The recycling and reuse of different materials play a fundamental role in the conservation of nature. For that reason, supporting these green actions is vital to having a sustainable planet. Otherwise, we will end up living in a huge landfill that would destroy natural habitats and endemic species and develop new diseases. Join the Rewinder revolution! Together we will show why it is worth recycling.

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