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What is the circular economy?

¿Qué es la economía circular?

The expression "circular economy" has become part of our everyday conversation. Today, the circular economy is linked to sustainable development but its philosophy is not new. Here are the keys to understand what we are talking about.

Circular economy versus linear economy

The best way to understand the circular economy is to confront it with the linear one. In the linear economy, we throw away the product when it doesn't work or we get tired of it. It is the economy of single-use items that is doing so much damage to our environment, since it generates tons of waste.

On the contrary, the circular economy promotes efficient use of resources and respect for the environment. In addition, it generates growth and employment.

Rewinder is an example of circular economy. Its strategy seeks to create a new culture that is more respectful of the environment, promoting social development and the efficient use of resources.

Benefits of the circular economy

Sustainable development : The efficient management of resources and their recovery is key in promoting a better world that takes care of our present. The circular economy fights climate change and limits the impacts of resource use.

Social and economic development : reduces the use of resources and promotes a fairer wealth distribution culture. It guarantees the security of the supply of essential resources for the entire population by avoiding excessive consumption.

How to be part of this way of acting?

Consumers have the key to develop this type of production. There are many organizations and companies that already follow the precepts of the circular economy , it is up to us to prioritize their consumption to make a better future. We tell you how:

  • Prioritize the use of reusable products. Get yourself a couple of tote bags that will last you for years!
  • Learn to recycle correctly.
  • Buy second-hand from clothing to used electronics. Give them a new life!
  • Use renewable energy sources.

These are just some of the actions you can perform. There are many more ways to support the circular economy and sustainable development. All that is needed is to make conscious decisions . Join the Rewinder revolution!

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