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Understanding biodynamic organic farming: a sustainable and balanced approach to growing food

Entendiendo la agricultura ecológica biodinámica: un enfoque sostenible y equilibrado para el cultivo de alimentos

Biodynamic organic farming is a farming approach that is based on the idea that soil, crops and animals should be part of a closed and balanced system. This practice focuses on using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods to grow healthy and nutritious food.

Some of the key features of biodynamic organic farming include:

  • Using organic seeds: Instead of using genetically modified or chemically treated seeds, biodynamic farmers use organic seeds that have not been genetically altered.

  • Natural Fertilization – Instead of using chemical fertilizers, biodynamic farmers use compost and other natural methods to fertilize the soil.

  • Natural Pest Control – Instead of using chemical pesticides, biodynamic farmers use natural methods like crop rotation and the use of natural pest enemies to control pests.

  • Farm Animals: Instead of using processed foods and drugs to support farm animals, biodynamic farmers use organic food and treat animals in a respectful and humane manner. Biodynamic farm animals have access to pasture and space to move freely, which is considered essential for their well-being. In addition, biodynamic farm animals have an important role in maintaining the balance of the farm system, as their droppings are used as fertilizers and their activities contribute to crop rotation and pest control.

  • Lunar and Seasonal Cycles: Biodynamic farmers follow lunar and seasonal cycles when planning their crops and use techniques such as biodynamic blending to enrich the soil and promote crop health.

  • Individual attention: Biodynamic farmers pay special attention to each crop and how it integrates into the farm system as a whole, rather than treating all crops equally.

Biodynamic organic farming is a relatively small practice compared to other forms of organic farming, but it has gained popularity in recent years due to its focus on the well-being of the soil, crops, and animals. Biodynamically grown foods are found by many consumers to be healthier and tastier due to the individualized attention and focus on the natural balance of the system.

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