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Masks are the key to avoiding a resurgence of Covid-19

Las mascarillas son la clave para evitar un rebrote de la Covid-19
Masks are and will be part of our lives. More and more studies point to them as a basic element to prevent a resurgence of Covid-19. The last one says it clearly: the mask is decisive when it comes to avoiding the pandemic, distancing and social isolation alone are not enough. Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Reny Zhang has led this analysis, published by the scientific journal PNAS , and in which, among others, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Mario Molina has participated. The conclusions of this work are very clear:
  • Airborne transmission, particularly through aerosols from humans, represents the dominant route of disease transmission.
  • The importance of airborne transmission has not been sufficiently considered by the authorities when establishing mitigation measures.
  • Current mitigation measures such as social distancing, quarantine, and isolation are insufficient on their own to protect the public. It is necessary to complement them with masks.
  • The work shows that the use of masks in public is one of the most effective means of preventing transmission between people, together with massive tests, restriction measures and contact tracing before the development of a vaccine.
You protect others and you protect yourself. A simple gesture such as the regular use of the mask will prevent us from having to relive what we are experiencing. However, it is important to be responsible and use sustainable models such as the Rewinder40, because we cannot allow the health crisis to cause an environmental crisis due to the disposal of single-use masks. Build your present, care for the future.

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