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Teach them to take care of the planet

Enséñales a cuidar el planeta
The education of the little ones is crucial for the future of the planet. Making them aware of how they should behave is of great importance, especially since they become correctors of adults who still refuse to understand that the future is now. It is important to start teaching them when they are very young, in a fun and practical way. We leave you 10 easy tips to teach them to reduce the carbon footprint in our day to day and take care of the planet: 1. Save water
  • Teach them that you have to turn off the tap, brush your teeth, wash your hands.
  • Learn with them how to grow the most efficient plants according to season and place.
  • Show them how to water the lawn and garden properly.
2. Press the switch
  • Get them in the habit of turning off the light every time they leave the room.
  • Check and review with them that electronic devices are turned off when not in use.
3. Retain heat
  • Help them keep the doors closed so that neither the heat nor the cold gets lost.
  • Be careful with the refrigerator door. They will have to get used to not having it open for a long time.
4. Avoid the use of disposable materials
  • Get them used to using eco-bags.
  • Give them cloth napkins.
5. Recycle
  • Show children what can be recycled instead of becoming household waste.
  • Make them distinguish the containers in a fun way.
  • "Complete the circle" by buying with them products made with recycled ingredients and teach them to identify it.
6. Reuse
  • Teach them to use and reuse glass jars.
  • Make crafts with them using recycled materials.
7. Compost.
  • Teach the little ones what can and cannot be used to obtain garden compost.
  • Show them the process.
8. Walk and bike
  • The example is important. Use the car as little as possible.
  • Go for a family walk or bike ride.
9. Give them experiences
  • Avoid making them consumerists and give vital and educational experiences that remain forever.
10. Show them the benefits of these actions
  • Share with them how their actions take care of the Planet.

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