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Sustainable food consumption: Make your daily diet eco-friendly

Consumo sostenible de alimentos: Haz tu dieta diaria eco-friendly
Rewind, take care of our present to love our future. There are many areas of everyday life in which we can act. One of them is our diet . How does daily food affect the planet? What can we do to move towards more sustainable food consumption ?

What can I do to achieve more responsible consumption?

Buying local products is a positive thing for the environment and sustainability. This way you not only reduce the carbon footprint , you will also promote local development, and you will reduce the use of polluting packaging. You will feed yourself with much healthier seasonal products. Bad eating habits are not only unsustainable, but they can also make us sick. Make sure that the products come from responsible agriculture and livestock, that do not affect ecosystems and respect biodiversity . The purpose of this simple gesture is to shorten the distance between the place of production of the product and the place where it is going to be consumed. . With this, you guarantee food safety and, therefore, the health of your family. Avoid livestock overexploitation with the consumption of products from organic farms, and the destruction of the oceans, with a more responsible consumption of fish. Choosing products from fair wealth distribution systems will help in our common goal of achieving a better world. Join the #Rewindtheworld revolution!

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