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How to live more sustainably?

¿Cómo vivir de forma más sostenible?
If you are one of those people interested in the 'zero waste' movement and you don't know what exactly it is or how to start living in a more sustainable way , you just have to keep reading this article. In it, we tell you how to change your life to change the world. We also share with you some of the best tips to take the first steps in a life with zero waste.

Zero Waste Movement

'Zero Waste' means not generating waste that ends up in the landfill, in our environment, in our oceans... This movement begins with a world free of plastics and continues with another series of waste that pollutes our planet. If you want to be Zero Waste, you must consider a fundamental question: What is essential and what is unnecessary in your day to day life? Many of those unnecessary items will become waste that will take years to dispose of. Once you know what you need and what you don't, replace what you need with reusable and ecological options, such as cloth shopping bags or furoshikis to wrap your gifts, as two of the most common examples. Finally, avoid items with disposable packaging, even in a supermarket. Use cloth bags to store your fruits and vegetables in bulk, buy local produce, from nearby and sustainable producers. Here are three quick and easy tips to get you started on eliminating household waste. If we all make these small changes, we will have a big impact. Let's make a greener world ! Start a Zero Waste lifestyle today with

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