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How to make the world a more sustainable place after the Covid-19 pandemic?

¿Cómo hacer del mundo un lugar más sostenible después de la pandemia de la Covid-19?
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways: it has impacted the way we work, socialise, make a living and treat our social and natural environment. It has been months in which we have become accustomed to using single-use items for the sake of safety, which has caused us to put sustainability on hold. However, there is another option. How do we get out of this pandemic while still taking care of the environment and making the world a better place?

The impact of Covid-19 on the planet

During the time that the world has stopped to fight against Covid-19, we have been able to see photos of cities without pollution berets, dolphins that returned to territories conquered by boats, animals that returned to places from which they had been expelled … However, the reality is that the impact of the fight against the pandemic on the environment is very different, and has nothing to do with those images that were given for a while. The activity is recovering and, with it, pollution returns and the situation before confinements were declared in the world. Added to this is the setback in plans to eliminate single-use plastics from our lives. Food has returned to being packaged in plastic, forced by the need to individualize portions, and we protect ourselves with single-use gloves and masks made of this material. This will cause more plastic to be discarded and end up in our landfills, in our oceans, re-generating waste that will last for decades, generating microscopic particles and toxins that will break down our ecosystems.

How to live sustainably after the pandemic?

In this situation, what can we do? How can we ensure that we prevent a resurgence of the virus while taking care of the environment? Don't be in a hurry After months of isolation, being able to see your friends and family has given you a feeling that everything is back to normal. However, a quick and careless exit from confinement can mean the appearance of outbreaks. The more you move, the more pollution you will generate and contribute to skyrocketing emissions. Use reusable masks: stay safe and take care of the environment One of the best ways to prevent a resurgence of Covid-19 is to wear masks . Its use protects others and protects you, you take care of your community, which results in general well-being. However, single-use masks not only involve a significant outlay of money, but are also very harmful to the environment, generating tons of waste that pollute our oceans and alter ecosystems. One way to avoid it is the Rewinder 40 reusable masks . Committed to making the world a greener place, they are a range of masks for all ages that protect you and the planet. Let's rewind together The only way to eliminate single-use plastics is to replace them with use-and-reuse materials. Along with the masks, the use of eco-bags and other household items is important. You just have to make sure that you use these products correctly, and take care of them as stated. In the case of masks, it is important to wash them, by hand or machine, with a neutral soap and at 60 degrees. We cannot allow the health crisis to lead to an environmental crisis. Choose responsible companies. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, we returned to buy the local and socially responsible product. In this way, we achieve a better world both from an environmental and socioeconomic point of view.

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