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T-shirts at €1

Camisetas a 1€

Can you imagine?

About to enter 2023, after a global pandemic, an active war in the center of Europe, a flagrant environmental crisis and thousands of conflicts and injustices around the planet. Did you really think that Rewinder could offer you t-shirts for €1? INNOCENT! INNOCENT!

We don't usually joke, less with the way of production and the quality of both the fabrics and the quality of human treatment at work, however, we have not found a better way to get your attention.

The world does not belong to us, so we have to act responsibly to prevent it from disappearing. Future generations deserve the opportunity to enjoy it, so don't wait for the different governments and multinationals to come to an agreement, here you are the one in charge, so choose and choose well ;)

Isn't it strange that fast fashion brands offer clothes at extremely low prices, like a t-shirt or sweatshirt for a few euros? Tomorrow we will show you the complete process of manufacturing a t-shirt, while it is important to reflect on the real cost of the low cost items that you find in the market.

We anticipate that the fast fashion industry is based on the idea of ​​production, huge production, and constant consumption, the use of advertising campaigns that cause the user a continuous desire to acquire new items that are produced and sold. without measure, and without any logic.

This model is not sustainable , and has a brutally negative and significant impact on the environment and the lives of the people who are immersed in the production chain of the large fast fashion chains .

They are important dates, in which we usually give gifts to our loved ones, why? Well, everyone has their reasons and we are not going to go into that, however, we do encourage you to be wary when you find products that are too cheap and above all, we encourage you that this year more than ever, choose to buy sustainable brands, which guarantee a price according to quality and processes.

We encourage you to look around you, to bet on local consumption and support for emerging designers and brands, who fight against giants but without them, the world would be full of sheep and we would all wear uniforms.

Thanks innocent.

Thanks for reading us.
Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you for not being part of the herd.
You have the power to change the world!

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