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5 Simple ideas to enjoy a more sustainable Christmas with less waste

5 Ideas sencillas para disfrutar de unas navidades más sostenibles y con menos residuos

During the celebration of the Christmas holidays, it is important to consider ways to reduce waste generation to celebrate in a more sustainable way.

Here are some simple ideas to help you do just that:

  1. Choose reusable decorations: Instead of buying disposable Christmas decorations, opt for ones that can be used year after year. Lights, crowns, decorations for the tree... all reusable.
  2. Use eco-friendly wrapping for your gifts: traditional single-use wrapping paper can accumulate quickly, generate tons of waste, and many contain a mix of materials in their composition, making them non-recyclable. Instead, we suggest you use reusable cotton bags or other alternatives such as wonderful Rewinder furoshikis so that, in addition to taking care of our natural environment and not generating waste, make the packaging part of your wonderful gift.
  3. Buy in your town and surroundings, support small businesses: this way you not only help stimulate the local economy, but you also reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping products from far away, and facilitate the circular economy .
  4. Donate to those who need it most: consider making a donation to a charity or helping those who need it most, maybe you take a look around and you have clothes or objects in good condition, that you do not use but, However, others would use them and do not have the possibility of acquiring them. You will spread joy and support your community.
  5. Use a live tree or plant a tree: Real Christmas trees can be a more sustainable option, as long as they are locally sourced and disposed of properly after the holidays. Alternatively, you can opt for a potted tree that can be repotted after the holidays, or even plant a tree as a gift.

They are simple ideas with which you can enjoy parties in harmony with your natural and social environment, and enjoy wonderful celebrations.

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