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10 ecofriendly products for your day to day

10 productos ecofriendly para tu día a día
Do you know what ecofriendly products are? If you don't know, we'll tell you. In addition, we propose 10 of these articles for your day to day. An ecofriendly product is one that has been designed and manufactured respecting the environment and contributing to its conservation. They differ from the standards in that they do not prioritize speed and low cost, but rather functionality and increased useful life. Our day-to-day life is full of single-use items that are easily replaceable by other eco-friendly ones . It is not complicated to do it, on the contrary, they are available to everyone. They make your life easier and contribute to taking care of the present.
  • Glass water bottle to fill and refill. Avoid the use of plastic bottles that end up in our oceans and seas polluting ecosystems and that take hundreds of years to disappear. A glass bottle will last you longer than you can imagine.
  • Cloth bags for sandwiches, bread and everything you want to store. They are very durable and with them you can carry your food in a comfortable and ecological way.
  • Fabric covers for our solid gel. What better way to avoid the use of plastic than with a comfortable case to store your solid gel. Forget awkward packaging.
  • Solar charger for the phone. Yes, you already have the option to charge your phone sustainably. No plugs and no energy costs: only with the sun.
  • Containers to collect rainwater. They are fantastic for storing rainwater and then reusing it by watering your plants, the garden orchard...
  • Organic cotton socks. Soft, warm and made with a fabric that comes from organic farming, whose farmers receive a fair treatment.
  • Handmade glasses and organic materials. More and more brands are avoiding plastic when manufacturing their glasses. They are a comfortable and sustainable option.
  • Rescue this ancient Japanese technique to wrap and rewrap gifts. With these fabrics you will create original shapes and make two gifts in one.
  • cloth napkins Avoid the excessive use of paper with napkins and cloth cloths. You will be able to wash them over and over again because they last and last. Our favorites are the organic cotton ones.
  • Not only will you avoid the use of plastic balls, but you will also add a touch of style to your daily life. Large, small and medium, no matter their size. But do not forget that they are made of materials such as organic cotton.

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