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10 fashion and sustainable fashion documentaries that you must see

10 documentales de moda y moda sostenible que debes ver

Fashion is an industry that has a huge impact on our world, from the environment to labor rights. Fortunately, there are many documentaries that shed light on these issues and show us how we can be more conscious and responsible in our choice of clothing.

Here are 10 fashion and sustainable fashion documentaries worth watching:

The True Cost

This documentary examines the human and environmental impact of fast fashion, and explores how we can take action towards a more sustainable fashion industry.


This documentary follows a fashion activist who travels the world to show the devastating effects of leather production and toxic chemicals in rivers.

The Machinists

This documentary shows the daily struggles of garment workers in a Bangladeshi factory, and how they fight for better working conditions.

The Next Black

This documentary focuses on the future of sustainable fashion, featuring designers, scientists and entrepreneurs who are working to make fashion more sustainable.


This documentary follows the life of clothing after it is donated to charity, showing how it is recycled and sold in developing countries.

Sweatshop Deadly Fashion

This documentary takes three young Norwegians to Cambodia, where they experience firsthand what life is like for garment workers.

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

In this documentary, musician and farmer Alex James explores the dangers of fast fashion and how we can change our relationship with clothing.

Fios Fóra (Threads Outside)

This documentary focuses on a small community in the north of Spain that has kept the tradition of weaving and creating their own clothes by hand for centuries.

Chinese Blue

This documentary shows how workers at a denim factory in China struggle to survive in a rapidly industrializing world.


Although not specifically about fashion, this documentary explores how living a simpler, more minimalist life can be good for the environment and our relationship with clothing.

These fashion and sustainable fashion documentaries are just a few of the many resources available to learn more about how we can make our fashion industry more responsible and sustainable.

Tell us which one has touched you the most or which one is your favourite. Fashion is a choice, make sure you choose well.

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